Characteristics Of A Good Explainer Video

//Characteristics Of A Good Explainer Video

Characteristics Of A Good Explainer Video

Growth is a very significant aspect of every business; every entrepreneur has a vision of growth in their business. One of the most effective ways of inflicting growth to a business is marketing. Marketing creates a platform for clients to relate to you and an explainer video is one marketing tool that is very effective and cost-effective methods of marketing.


Explainer videos are often short hence reduces chances of the viewer losing concentration. Here are some of the characteristic of good explainer videos:


Most of the explainer videos are very short; usually running for 60-90 seconds. Therefore the message to be passed should be direct. All the information needed to be relayed to the viewers should be done during this short period. Occasionally images of the product and names of the company are displayed to capture the attention of the viewer before he/ she loses concentration. Mostly the words used should be persuasive in order lure the viewers.


Ensure the script is engaging and entertaining to the viewers, this ensures that the attention of the viewer is caught throughout the video. Psychology states that 20% of people remember what they read, 10% remember what they heard, and 80% remember what they saw. The characters in use should try to utilize facial contact with the viewers be relatable and interesting at the same time. Occasionally the characters in the video are seen to be the image of the product. Therefore, they should portray a good image on and off the camera. Entertaining the audience should be core since the video needs to be captivating.


A good explainer video should be relatable to the target audience. The characters in use should know how to relate to the viewers. The way they dress, talk and facial expressions mean a lot. For example, while marketing children products, the character should try as much as possible to ensure they can relate to children and at the same time the parents to win their attention. They often should be likable and easy to relate. Through this, it is easier to address complicated issues since it is done simply and entertainingly.


Audio affects viewers. Differently, all audios affect users emotions it only depends on which emotions is in context, to market a product you need to earn the viewer’s trust and make sure she is in love with the product. So to ensure this, pick the right audio for the video in context. This will ensure you get users attention by ensuring you spark the right emotion. It is likely for an audience to keep up with a video where positive feelings are involved.


By the end of the video, the viewer should’ve a very strong and positive impression of the product or service being displayed. The video should leave the user with an urge to know more about the product and ways to reach and find the product. This ensures the product has left a mark in the mind of the viewer and can refer anyone else to the product in question.
With growing competition among businessesunique advertising and marketing cut an edge over competitors, this ensures that you have an upper hand to your competitor and this marks your brand in the market. Most of the explainer videos tend to be expensive, but for sure they are effective when done with precision. Through this, we can express everything that is on the human mind.