4 Questions about Whiteboard Explainer Videos Addressed

//4 Questions about Whiteboard Explainer Videos Addressed

4 Questions about Whiteboard Explainer Videos Addressed

Most business owners are drifting towards the use of video on their websites and marketing strategy because these reasons; It’s the most compelling form of content, It has the greatest possibilities of being shared on social media platforms, It’s the kind of content most preferred by Google right now, and it’s the kind of content that can generate the most conversions. Speaking of videos, there is a new breed of explainer videos that is causing ripples in the marketing space called whiteboard explainer videos.  This article seeks to address some questions about them:

Are whiteboard explainer videos any different from other kinds of videos?

For starters, videos are characteristically engaging, fun and exciting when compared with other forms of content. White board explainer videos are even more engaging, fun and exciting. You can describe them as videos on steroids. Whiteboard explainer videos are different from other kinds of videos because they feature hand-drawn animations and written text on a whiteboard. The message can be erased and continued till the message has been completely and accurately delivered.

Why do whiteboard explainer videos have a higher conversion rate than other video types?

The truth is people are used to the generic videos that feature someone talking about a product or service. Whiteboard explainer videos inject a sense of creativity and uniqueness because they feature hand-written animations and texts on a whiteboard. The reality is that when a hand begins to write texts and draw pictures, it’s hard to look away. You are eager to know how the end result will be like. Also, whiteboard explainer videos have the ability to break down hard to decipher brand messages into easy to understand information. Plus, they tend to explain and not focus on selling.

Can whiteboard explain videos really help grow your brand?

Most customers gravitate towards videos when searching for products online because they not only highlight the product or service, but educate them as well. A customer comes with something new after watching a video. A whiteboard explainer video does more than educating the customer. It also entertains and engages them. It actually positions your business as a help leader.

Where whiteboard explainer videos should be embedded for the business owner to harness its benefits?

First, you need to embed your whiteboard explainer videos on your homepage. If you have a landing page dedicated to your marketing campaign, that’s precisely where you should place them. You should also upload them to your YouTube channel and social media pages.