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How VR Has Changed the Adult Industry


Do you ever feel you can get videos of higher quality than the free VR porn movies you download or stream on the internet? The answer to that question should be YES! This is so because there is a more appealing and enjoyable form of watching porn which is Virtual Reality popularly known as VR.


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Currently, there are VR contents which are available for simple Google Cardboard on Naughty America VR and different sites. VR is usually shot in a 180 or 360-degree stereoscopic form where the viewer would get to feel the experience like he was one of the participants. There is no editing needed and one can choose from what to focus on. This means you get to look at what attracts your attention.


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Interesting right? However, these changes have not been easy to adapt to. Though it is quite easy to produce with the correct equipment, making people accept the change could pose a problem. It is also quite expensive. Virtual Reality is gradually taking over and the Porn industry is not left out.




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Changes in technology

Change in technology would always change society, and sex is a vital part of that society. This means that any technology which changes sex would also have an automatic impact on the society. This is not limited to Virtual Reality alone. Augmented reality, robotics, and artificial intelligence are all set on a course to change the way humans have sex in the nearest future. Though there have been calls for a ban on sex dolls, this argument would also stand against any virtual entity.

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Fantasy is a very wild feeling which people would easily succumb to. Though getting lost in virtual worlds could be detrimental to their health and quality of life, fantasy makes humans care less. There are also some ethical issues which would be addressed. For example, if you have teledildonic sex with someone over the internet other than your spouse, can we see such person as an infidel? How deep would people’s emotions go into fantasies which can literally touch them so intimately?






Most of the questions you are having currently have also not been proffered with solutions, but technologies which would help express our sexuality keep on increasing every day as well as major attitude changes towards sex, gender identity and also bounds of what could happen. Only time would define the consequences of these actions, but it is very certain that Virtual Reality would play a pivotal role in them.

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